1. How are your fees developed?

Our fees are structured as a percentage of the savings we produce for our clients.
Fee structuring is a customized function as each client has its preferences which we in all instances attempt to accommodate.

Whatever the structure, there is no out of pocket expense or downside risk. Our fee will always be a function of the savings we generate.

In some instances a client may have a specific project which may be outside the framework of a lease arrangement wherein our fee would be a flat onetime fee for that project.

2. How can you impact our leases when we are in the middle of a lease which doesn’t expire for sometime?

Every lease has several inherent “windows of opportunity” which are moving targets. Our expertise and experience in the industry enables us to zero in on those opportunities and re-negotiate much more favorable rates, terms and conditions.

3. Can you assist us with our warehouse equipment in much the same way as our delivery trucks?

Absolutely… we are intimately involved in warehouse /material handling equipment for many of our clients all over the country and outside the US as well. We develop our fees in the same manner as we do delivery vehicle (tractors, trailers, straight trucks)

4. Are there alternative fuel vehicles which will enable us to move away from diesel powered trucks? What about CNG?

There is no doubt that CNG is the future, however, depending upon one’s area of operation, range of travel, and annual mileage CNG may or may not presently be a viable alternative. At present only the west coast has the infrastructure to support CNG.

As the country builds out CNG fueling stations it will become more and more viable.
CNG tanks have limited range, so there must be ample refueling within ones radius of operation.

5. We have been doing business with our supplier for several years and have a good relationship, will your involvement change this at all

Absolutely not… we have been in the consulting business for 30+ plus years, doing business with just about every leasing company in the country. We are no different than your attorney or accountant with regard to protecting your interests

Our approach is absolutely professional, discreet, and diplomatic. After our comprehensive review of your lease arrangement, we disclose with our clients the objectives we seek as well as our methodology for accomplishing them… in all instances this is done with our clients advanced approval.